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Vampire Tweaker V1 by fer456
After 5 months of work, finally I can release this mod 
This mod applies different settings for vampires, which are specified in the files “ChangeLog – EN” (in English) and “ChangeLog – ES” (in Spanish). My language is Spanish, so the file “ChangeLog - EN” I’ve had to translate with Google Translator, as well as the reviews of other content that we will see later in the mod.
This mod is a mod of scripting that adds features, although probably in later versions, will be a core-mod.
The scripting adds different effects for the vampires, such as the following:
-Add it automatically red eyes when the vampires are thirsty. They disappear when they satisfy
-Added blood to the mouth of the vampires (this functionality already existed in a Diriel mod called “Bloody Meals”, which I served, among other mods, as the inspiration of this.)
-Is added to the necks of human a bite mark. The bite mark is added when the human is bited to drink or conversion to vampire.
Mod The Sims

Selfsim as Bibijel (ohoh my name is Bibi, and she’s Bibijel. So F u N N yyyyy !!!\111111 -.-“) D’:
She scares me. A lot.
BONUS: ‘Sons of the night' eyes | DOWNLOAD |
There aren’t reflections in drawing, you can recolor the sclera (the veins and the ‘white’) and the iris.
Both genders, all ages.